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YouTurbo is a 2D driving game where players get behind the wheel of a car while a famous YouTuber rides shotgun and shoots at the bad guys. ElrubiusOMG, Willyrex, DaniRep, iTownGamePlay, TheGrefg and loads of others are available from the very get-go. This version of the game lets you enjoy the first 10 levels for each YouTuber, while the full version (which you can buy from the app) has some 1,000 different levels. Throughout each one you'll find loads of traps, enemies, and bosses. The controls in YouTurbo are simple: on the left you have your brakes, on the right the gas and turbo pedals. The early levels won't pose too much difficulty in terms of making it to the finish line. But that'll change as you move forward, when getting to the finish line gets harder and harder. One of the coolest things in YouTurbo is that the YouTuber riding shotgun with you also appears in a small window and gives a running commentary on what's going on. Thus if you're playing with elRubius he'll deliver a live stream of remarks on everything you do. YouTurbo is a driving game with a pretty simple premise but an interesting twist. The possibility to see and listen to famous YouTubers while you're driving is sure to appeal to more than one or two gamers.


Five (+1) free Android games about YouTubers
The importance of YouTubers has grown wildly in recent years. The site's top content creators have become major celebrities – sometimes even on par with movie stars or pop singers. The gaming world has obviously taken note of and tried to capitalize on this trend – hence all the titles out there based on YouTubers. Today we've put together a selection for you with five free games for Android based on popular YouTubers.
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