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Operation7 has surprised us, it's an amazing online First Person Shooter featuring realistic graphics and environments and lots of weapons. First of all you have to log up and create an avatar, choosing clothes and face for your soldier, then, you will be ready for war. Operation7 is not the common FPS, here you'll have to be more precise and show off your skills with weapons and hiding, because if you receive only one shot you'll die. The weaponry is amazing, from the well-know AK-47 to other ones less known but even more powerful and effective. You can play different game modes: , The team that kills more enemies wins; , Eliminate the General of the enemy band and defend yours; , The army that annihilates the enemy army wins; , Each army will have to destroy certain parts of the battleground, the first who destroys all goals, wins; Finally, a game mode that will take the most out of your conqueror skills, because the army that conquers the more territories wins the battle. If you like FPS, you'll love Operation7, an amazing game with good graphics, outstanding sounds and special features that can hook you in this new online battle.

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