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Cats and Cosplay

Publisher: Pixel Pros
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Publisher:Pixel Pros
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Cats And Cosplay narrates the adventures experienced by Denis, the popular Youtuber specialized in Roblox and Minecraft, and his cat, Sir Meows a Lot, in their mission to defeat Cat Clone, an evil cat that intends to take over the world with horrible monsters. Cats and Cosplay follows the basic premise of any tower defense: you have to build your defenses along a path to stop enemies from reaching the end of it. Although the basic gameplay is maintained, Cats And Cosplay also comes up with new twists that give a more interesting focus to this over-used formula. Thus, it manages to make you feel like you're playing something completely different from what you normally imagine when you hear the words 'Tower Defense.' The main and most appealing addition is the possibility to control Denis in real time and make him move around the map freely, fighting against the enemies in hand to hand combat. This adds a nice dynamic feel which will have you competing directly in the combat and not merely as a spectator. With each enemy you kill, you'll get cans of tuna that you can invest in buying new defensive lines or in improving the ones you already have. Cats And Cosplay also provides a fun story that's revealed through cutscenes, which are directly inspired by the looks of 'Adventure Time.' All this, along with a pixel art effect that more sentimental players are sure to love, makes Cats And Cosplay a must-have experience both for fans of Denis, as well as fans of this fun genre.

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